Monday, November 30, 2009

Requiem for Detroit

At the IDFA (International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam) last week I happened to see a work-in-progress preview of a ‘Requiem for Detroit’ by ‘roll&roll’ documentary maker Julian Temple. It included some of our friends – Grace Lee Boggs, poet John Sinclair, the Packard plant and artist Tyree Gruyton. On the whole there were way too many white men talking and not enough coherent Afro-Americans included, but it linked threads of auto-industry and Motown and was, I suppose, entertaining enough. It’s a BBC-2 production, I expect it’ll be out sometime early next year.

This from the industry news site:
Detroit Requiem
“An award-winning independent production company has been commissioned by BBC Two to produce a documentary that will tell the 'roller-coaster' story of a US city's automotive industry.
Told through the testimony of the people who lived through it, Requiem for Detroit?, is a single episode 75-minute programme that is being directed by Julien Temple, from Films of Record, a Ten Alps company which specialises in high quality factual programming
He said that it will be powered by extraordinary archive – vivid projections of the famous American city's heyday on its now abandoned buildings – and the irrepressible music that continues to come out of Detroit, from ragtime and rap to techno.”
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