Monday, November 16, 2009

NY Times: In Detroit, Agencies Compete to Sell City as a Creative Haven

Yesterday, November 15, Stuart Elliott wrote for the NY Times about selling Detroit as a creative Haven. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

It's so ironic that BBDO can't participate in this contest because it's closing down it's MI office.

Thanks for pointing out this article. I have been following the Time Detroit Blog but I don't often get to the other major news sites.

Attribution said...

hello, is mijn naam travis en ik spreek het werkelijk slechte Nederlands. Mijn moeder was was geboren in Eindhoven ...

Anyway, I work for Metro Times as arts & culture editor and find your project very interesting — we should grab a coffee sometime — we have much to talk about. Also, in response to these unrepresentative ads, I and a few other young creative guys created Attribution Detroit. Website should be up soon ... For the time beinh,



Captain B. said...

I disagree with you Amy and Yalova. The whole point of the ads is to try and show Detroit at a place where creativity is encourage and even protected. Two of the five ads are showing music Artist, Kid Rock and RoSpit (if you don't know who RoSpit is, look up and you'll get an idea) while the other three are trying to showcase physical parts or daily happenings in many of the communities. Though some of the advertisements do a better job than others, I think the objective was there with them all.