Thursday, September 17, 2009

Detroit wood for Icons of Hope

Great hunting grounds for Diederick Kraaijeveld in Detroit. With urban explorer and guide Dan and Dutch cameraman Gideon Elings he was able to salvage beautiful pieces of wood for his 'Icons of Hope'.

1. Kraaijeveld in action

Kraaijeveld builds pieces out of originally colored found wood. 'An abandoned fire station proved very resourceful', Kraaijeveld tells us, ' I found nice red painted planks there'. Even the Packard Car plant, that has been abandoned since the sixties, offered real interesting pieces of wood: the floors are covered in oak: the cars used to be driven over it IN the plant. ' And the administrative offices all had oak panelling. Most of it is still there', Kraaijeveld explains. 'Not all......., I took a few pieces'.

2. Courtroom Highland Park

3. Floor Packard Car plant

4. Police Office Highland Park

Friday is the last day of wood salvaging for Kraaijeveld, then the next quest is how to get it shipped to the Netherlands.

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