Sunday, September 20, 2009

Detroit wood in Holland

1. Wood on the veranda in Klinger

The Detroit wood is safe in Holland! After another few days of extensive salvaging (shown below in the Lee Plaza Hotel, a hotel considered one of the best in Detroit in the twenties - ´Art Deco with a Mediterranean twist- ) artist Diederick Kraaijeveld had gathered a nice base for his Icons of Hope. Almost all planks fitted in the Army Surplus bags. Fortunately the neighbors at Klinger Street were willing to lend their scales, so both bags could be filled until they both weighed the maximum allowed weight of 20 kilograms (or 45 American pounds). The coming months will be used to build the pieces. This weblog will keep you posted on that.....

2. Lee Plaza Hotel

3. Lee Plaza Hotel

4. Lee Plaza Hotel

5. Kraaijeveld with the Army Surplus bags

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