Thursday, May 28, 2009

A coop for 13015 Klinger

Mitch Cope recently signed a purchase agreement for the home 13015 Klinger. There was fire damage in the interior, some extensive floor damage, however not unfixable.

Together with Mitch, Toby Barlow and Kerstin Niemann, we're currently setting up a coop for the house based on bylaws inspired by Lafayette Park and Dutch Housing coorporation Ymere.

The ambition to use the house, amongst others, as a residency.

Photos by Mitch Cope


mark said...

I heard about this thru the NYTimes Op-ed article.

I think I'm ready to make the leap into home ownership in Detroit. Could someone point me in the direction of some neighborhoods in which artists are settling?

As an artist/urban experimenter, I'd like to land feet-first in a burgeoning community with like-minded people. Some geographic help, please?

mark dot burnham at gmail

thanks kindly...

Scott said...

Hello - I think is a fascinating experiment you are undertaking. Are there are other homes in this area that are for sale at firesale prices?

suzette. said...

it's near the disneyland!