Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Work in progress: HAMUC

Under the working title HAMUC: Hamtramck Unreal Estate Development Cooperative we're in the process of developing a Cooperative as a vehicle to put into practice "Bottom-up Urban Renewal". In this process we'll figure out what the goals of such a coop would be, how it would operate, what legal construction is needed or is possible under the current local cooperative law. So nothing is final, but these are the first idea's. Feedback is more than welcome. (click images for full size)

More information on Cooperative on Wikipedia:
Statement on the Co-operative Identity
Rochdale Principles

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Marc Couillais said...

Love the idea, would love to be involved. I work downtown for a realtor and am in the process of getting my license. I graduated from IIT(arch) in May and came to Detroit to develop projects similar to Powerhouse...actually worked with Mitch on Powerhouse for a few days...So yeah, I would love to be apart of this discussion.