Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Power House Close-Up

The Power House is off the grid. Since the summer a wind mill on its roof and two solar panels are keeping the battery filled up. After their show in the Detroit Art Institute Design 99's Mitch and Gina plan to continue with the transformation of the house.

1. The Power House, view from Moran Street - you can see the windmill on the roof

2. The veranda

3. The backyard

4. The backyard, view from the back alley

5. View from the veranda into the former living room, future gallery room

6. The former kitchen

7. The former kitchen from the opposite angle

8. View up from the Basement

9. Room next to the gallery space

10. Back room, behind the former kitchen

11. The attic

12. The electricity system connecting the wind mill and solar panels to the battery

13. Looking into the second room from above

14. Floor detail

The back alley behind the Power House


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