Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hamtramck city block facade

click for full size (this is just one side)

In order to map the neighborhood we're mapping the all-around-city-block-'facades' around.


JK said...

Hi Edwin. Jeff here (woodcheese in your links). I like your panoramas. If this is something you plan on doing more of perhaps you should contact me (email me though my site) and I can send you a little treat / tool to help you out if you remain interested.

self taught artist said...

look forward to more as i live in vermont and am interested in the project 99 and powerhouse thing going on. i'm an artist, broke, and wondering if i have the balls to move there. glad to have found your site.

Aaron said...

the guy in the black coat looked like he was getting a little creeped out in the second picture that he was in :-P