Wednesday, January 14, 2009


To all,

I just received the following message in my inbox. I think this is a
handy site for us to check out once in a while.
And, at one point I think we should submit our project, as well.

Dear Friends,

This is the first in a series of newsletters that serve as platforms for artists, curators, and others to present and exchange projects and materials pertaining to art that engages with social situations beyond the context of the gallery space. You will receive a quarterly e-mailed newsletter that includes recent projects submitted to our online archive along with a guest-curated article. The web site will contain an ongoing accumulation of these projects and articles, which will provide a direct line of access and egress to the field of current critical cultural practices.

The editors of C_M_L

Anthony Graves
Carla Herrera-Prats
Lasse Lau
Robert Ochshorn

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