Saturday, November 8, 2008


Next Tuesday 11/11/2008 the DETROIT UNREAL ESTATE AGENCY will become operational at the Durtch Art Institute in Enschede.

DUEA is a curatorial project, which re-values the city of Detroit and the practices it’s made up by. The project is a collaboration between Partizan Publik, Femke Lutgerink, Andrew Herscher and Mireille Roddier.

The title of the first workshop is:

As with the real estate market we intend to do a demand and supply analysis of Detroit’s unreal estate as a way of understanding, engaging with and imagining the city. Focusing on the intangible value or the cultural significance of a place we will explore practices and experiences, which make up everyday life. Examples to think of are art practices, architecture, homeless life, hip hop culture, museums, house music, health services, religious practices and labor patterns.

Day Program 10:30–18:00
Exclusively for participants of Detroit Unreal Estate Agency

With as a special guest Michael Stanton, who will lecture on the rise and fall of the American industrial city

Michael Stanton currently practices architecture and urbanism in Beirut and teaches internationally. His design work has been awarded four times by the ACSA, and won the Young Architect's Award from the Architectural League of New York, the Biennial Steedman Prize and been selected for Progressive Architecture awards plus winning several competitions. Several project have won competitions including recently a tower in Abu Dhabi. He was a Fellow in Architecture at the American Academy in Rome in 1990-91 and the first Aga Kahn Traveling Fellow in 1980. Recently he published two book chapters, one on the African-American city, and many articles in journals including Volume, Log, Perspecta, Archis, Modulus and Bauwelt. He has lectured and exhibited his work extensively in the Americas and Europe. He has taught at several American universities, and in Demark and Lebanon, and has directed study programs for these schools in Italy and he co-founded and directed eleven international workshops in Venice and Barcelona. Recently, with Dutch collaborators including Partizan Pulblik with whom he works chronically, he co-directed the first Studio Beirut workshop documented in Volume.

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