Sunday, November 23, 2008

A literature list on Detroit

Compiled by Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert.

Babson, Steve et al, Working Detroit. The making of a union town (Detroit 1986).
Bak, Richard, Detroit 1900-1930 (Charleston 1999).
Banning, Robert, The seed thieves (Grosse Point Farms 2006).
Barlow, Toby, Sharp Teeth (London 2007.)
Clark Jeff, The little door slides back (New York 1997).
Conot Robert, American odyssey. A unique history of America told through the life of a great city (New York 1974).
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Crawford, Lynn, Detroit: Imaginary cities (Detroit 2007).
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Fisher, Chris C. and Allen T. Cartier, Birds of Detroit (Renton, Edmonton 1997).
Jacobs, Jane, The death and life of great American cities (New York 1992).
Gavrilovich, Peter and Bill McGraw, The Detroit Almanac. 300 years of life in the motor city (Detroit 2000).
Hawkins Ferry, W., The buildings of Detroit. A history (Detroit 1980; revised edition).
Hersey, John, The Algiers Motel incident (Toronto et al 1968).
Hume, Christine, Alaskaphrenia (Kalamazoo 2004).
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Wylie, Jeanie, Poletown. Community Betrayed (Chicago 1989).


Marc said...

Ever get ahold of Stalking Detroit, ed. Charles Waldheim? It's pretty good, and gives a view of Detroit from the Landscape Urbanist perspective. Thanks for the list!

Nick said...

wanted to add:
Detroit Noir, a fiction anthology edited by John Hocking with some great stories by Detroit writers and on that note, check out the mysteries of Loren Estleman, whose Amos Walker works, walks and drives the city streets.
and Made in Detroit: A South of 8 Mile Memoir by Paul Clements