Friday, November 21, 2008

Design 99 + Gina & Mitch + the Powerhouse + ...

Gina and Mitch work and life mostly in the area between Conant, Caniff and Davison Streets and Chrysler Freeway. This is, in terms of Detroit (or Hamtramck), quite a densely populated area where it's possible to walk around easily. The city quarter is a nice mix of people, there are folks from Bangladesh, Poland, Lebanon and other places.

Design 99 storefront on Caniff St.

Inside storefront

The Power House on Moran St.

The couple is improving and renovating their own house, which is an old Polish deli formely inhabited by a Bangladeshi family. Besides that they're also working on the Power House project for a sustainable community and their Storefront. Moreover, Mitch is watching two houses in the direct vicinity of their own house which are vacant. He boarded them up and ask to neighbours to help him with preventing break ins.

Blondie at Klinger St.

Gina + Mitch at Klinger St.

Olivia at Klinger St.

Directly next to their house they recently obtained another house for only 500 dollars. This building is being renovated now as well and will be inhabited by Corine and her husband Zeb Smith, who are friends of Gina and Mitch. Besides these two couples also artist Graem White and his girlfriend are living in this part of town. Graem worked with Mitch in the Tree of Heaven Woodshop and then artist and photographer Scott Hocking thinks about getting himself a house in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...


Would you consider adding me to your links?

I will be starting my Detroit housing adventure next spring. I have set up a website to document it.

Thank you!

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